Cost savings are a chief concern in institutional. IPS global has deep experience in dealing with purchasing procedures for government entities from municipalities to school districts. Our recommendations are effective and efficient.

With three decades of experience, providing printers and projectors for public sector use has made IPS global a smart supplier of hardware and a nimble provider of services that allow organizations to operate competently.

Efficiency + Performance

Daily operations depend on effective performance and long term performance depends on efficiency. IPS global delivers both as part of our regular service that includes programs for managing print and cost-saving initiatives like our Rebate Rewards.

Printing is a means to an end. Displaying presentations with a projector is a tool to help your team realize a result. IPS global gets that and we recommend the most efficient and effective tools for the job. Even better, we support every tool just like we’re a dedicated part of the team.


IPS global is a Better Dedicated Partner for Government Purchasing

IPS global understands that the budget is the bottom line in government procurement and our sales team has deep experience in responding to municipal RFPs helping organizations streamline processes and perform better. With IPS global on the team, government agencies don’t just get technology, they receive a cadre of support that makes the entire organization run better.
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Pennsylvania & California PEPPM Technology Bidding and Purchasing Program

With competitive bid pricing from more than 300 technology vendors, PEPPM is a helpful tool for municipalities and government organizations and agencies. Its expansive array of purchasing contracts is used by local governments in 48 states and PEPPM has been a leader in cooperative purchasing since 1982.


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