February 8, 2017

Win $5000 in Technology

IPS global is asking middle and high school students to submit three-minute videos explaining how their school would benefit from IPS global technology.

Submissions don’t need to be polished, but they should be thoughtful, creative and will ideally communicate to IPS global a clear need. The winning school will receive a $5,000 grant to be allocated to printers, projectors, supplies or service provided by IPS global to improve your school.


The winners will be selected based on their school’s need, the spirit of collaboration demonstrated in their video and the creativity of their project and how their project will help strengthen their school community.


Send an email to mailto:schoolcontest@ipstechexperts.com including the link to your school’s video. Schools must be state accredited K-12 or state-listed school districts located within the United States.

Deadline for entry:

Contest ends August 1, 2017. One submission per school.


• Eligible schools must be located within the United States.

• Eligible schools must be state accredited K-12 schools or school districts

• One entry per school

• Different schools within a school district may enter

• Videos may not be longer than three minutes

• Do not attach or otherwise forward media

• Email video link to: schoolcontest@ipstechexperts.com and include the contact person and name of the school.

Winners will be notified by August 31, 2017.


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