IPS global's P+ Projector Program is simple…purchase your projector bulbs from us and get your projector repair service FOR FREE!*

We realize how expensive it can be to get projectors serviced quickly and efficiently, that is why we created the P+ Program. We can now offer free service, up to the point of replacement, to our bulb customers!

Have a Projector that needs Service?

When you’re an IPS global customer, we’ll fix your device and have it back to you in less than fourteen business days! Call 800-347-2913 to learn how to get the power of IPS global on your side.

"We have had nothing but good experiences with IPS Global! Service and deliveries are always in a timely manner and staff is always pleasant, helpful and courteous! The website is easy to navigate, and if I have had any problems, or needed to add equipment, I was able to do so easily by connecting with the team."


*Some restrictions apply. Contact an IPS global representative for details.
**To qualify for free service, projectors must be six years old or newer and some models are excluded. Contact an IPS global representative with your model type(s) for verification of inclusion in our program.
***Not all projectors will qualify for replacement. Consult your IPS global representative for details.

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