Printer Trouble? Start Here!

IPS global is requiring all customers to perform a Level-One Checklist review to eliminate potential issues that could be causing the problem before placing service calls. Click "GET STARTED" below to start to troubleshoot and resolve basic, level-one printer issues.

1. Power on / off device

Turn off the unit and un-plug the unit from it's power source.
Allow to sit for a few seconds, then restore power to device.

2. Check all cables / plugs

Be sure all cables and plugs are secure and seated properly in their respective ports / receptacles.


With a damp cloth and soft towel, thoroughly clean the scanning glass surface. Consult your device's owners manual for proper cleaning directions.

4. check / clear any paper jams

Thoroughly check all access areas of your device to clear any paper jams.

5. Confirm all paper trays are setup to the proper paper size

Trays vary depending on the manufacturer and model, but be sure that paper size stops are seated against the paper in the tray. Consult your device's owners manual for proper settings.

6. Verify that all pull strips are removed from toner cartridges

Check each toner cartridge to be sure no pull strips remain on or within the toner cartridges when installed in the device.

7. Replace toner cartridge / drum unit / photoconductor kit

Remove your unit's toner cartridge(s) / drum unit / photoconductor kit then re-install to be sure it is seated properly and securely.

8. 10.xx/yy error / memory supply error

Replace toner00-Black/01-Cyan/02-Magenta/03-Yellow

9. 49.XX Errors

Clear print queue and resend job.

10. None of the above

If the problem still persists after completing all of the Level-One steps, click below to place a service call.

Service is Everything


Our customers know, savings are significant when they partner with IPS global as the single source for service and supplies. First, IPS global offers full consultation based on a thorough evaluation of specific needs. We offer replacement equipment and provide options to get the correct machines in place at your locations. IPS global offers the absolute best delivery and installation across North America.

IPS global technicians have a full range of knowledge and experience on the equipment that we sell. We have a dedicated dispatch team managing parts and onsite service at locations across North America. For qualifying customers, loaner equipment is available for anything we service.


IPS global’s Tonetastic and Cost Per Page service contracts offer huge savings and the knowledge that all service will be done efficiently. Service history is consistently recorded for solid analysis and diagnostics.


IPS global’s P+ program is a cost saving service solution for our customers that rely on projection units. IPS global service is executed quickly and accurately and the projector’s service history is always recorded.


IPS global offers service on large format devices including the full line of on HP DesignJet equipment and, for IPS customers bundling services, we offer discounted rates on parts and labor.


IPS global offers onsite service for qualifying customers. For IPS customers bundling services, we offer discounted rates on parts and labor. Service history is consistently recorded for solid analysis and diagnostics.

Not a customer yet?

Equipment can also be serviced on a time and materials basis but IPS global programs save you time and money!

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